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The Full Story

The short story is that building a business is hard! As an entrepreneur, we wear way too many hats. We are the CEO,  the receptionist, the social media manager, the customer service manager, the problem solver, and 1000 other positions we don't have the time to do effectively all on our own. Outside of the burnout, scaling our business seems impossible because we don't have the resources or bandwidth to take on the task that will get us to the next level. The people who say they will....don't, and the people we want so badly to count on, don't realize we need help or their support. 

That is exactly why we have created Entrepreneurs Cafe. (Yes, it is a metaphorical cafe, for NOW!)  We want to help you learn effective ways to better manage your business while delegating tasks, and maintaining your sanity. Entrepreneurs corner will be your safe space to vent, learn, and provide guidance for those coming behind you. 

How It Works

We are introducing a weekly group meetup. Our weekly meet up will be held on Zoom and/or Clubhouse. If you need a clubhouse invite please let us know and we will send you one or find another member to send one for the group. If you are interested in being a moderator for the group, you are more than welcome to let us know. Once a month this meet up will be held live for local and traveling participants and include a day of relaxation, building, networking, and self care. 

What's To Come

As we build and learn more about the best ways to support you we will roll out new products and services. Our ultimate goal is to create an Entrepreneurs Oasis where you can come in, relax, work, be among your own kind, and grow. Entrepreneurs Cafe is the beginning of creating the supportive environment we need to grow. No more getting it out of the mud, alone! Now it's time to connect and grow in a healthy way with others who are prepared to carry their share of the weight. Let's Build!

We believe in you!

If you are ready to be apart of Entrepreneurs Cafe, submit your information and a brief message of what areas of business you could use some support with. 

Thanks for your interest! Support is on the way!