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It is time to change the culture of business credit by increasing the availability of useable products and services to build credit for minority businesses. For far too long minority businesses have been disproportionately denied business funding to be able to expand on their vision and we won't touch on why that is, but we are here to provide a viable solution. As a minority-owned business, we are looking to be able to help fellow business owners by becoming credit vendors so you can build your business credit while securing services that elevate your brand's presence. 

How cool would it be to build business credit while also gaining access to premium quality branding that includes logo development, flyer, and graphic design, office rental, and so many other services that will benefit your brand's mission multi-fold. The time is now and we need your help. We need to build a reputable database of registered businesses in order to provide evidence of our ability to furnish adequate information for the business credit bureaus. After conducting research, we hear the number is something like 20, 000 businesses, but we're not going to give them any reason to deny us so we are going for 45, 000 registered businesses to seal the deal. Add your business to our database today!

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